Signal Person Safety Training for Cranes

01/06/2016 07:30 AM to 01/06/2016 11:30 AM (US/Central)

Hillside, United States

The Signal Person Safety Training Course for Cranes has been developed to provide participants with the essential information to comply with the new OSHA Signal Person Qualification requirements described within 1926.1428. The Signal Person Safety Training Course for Cranes includes a detailed discussion on the four different types of signals used. After completing the Signal Person Safety Training Course participants will be given a written and practical exam. Participants must pass both the written and practical exam with an 80% or better to receive Signal Person ID card.

Hazards addresses but not limited to:

  • Basic understanding of Equipment operation and limitations, crane dynamics and boom deflection
  • Definitions applicable to signaling
  • Power line safety when signaling
  • Problems when signaling
  • When a signal person is required
  • Who can give signals
  • Types of signals
  • Transmission of signals
  • Signal person qualifications

Who Should Attend:

Construction personnel required, or who could reasonably be expected to signal an operator. Project managers, superintendents, foreman, and safety managers that are responsible for crane activities on construction sites should also attend.

Upon successfully completeing the written and practical tests, the participants will recieve:

  • Reference Guide
  • Picture I.D. (valid for 4 years)
  • CSC Certificate of Completion

Note: Contributor pricing is for any contractor or contractor employee that contributes to the Chicagoland Construction Safety Council with a penny per hour (or more) contribution through the various building trade unions or trade associations in Chicago. These include Bricklayers, Carpenters, Cement Masons, Electricians, Glaziers, Iron Workers, Laborers, Mechanical Contractors (members of MCA), Plasterers, Operating Engineers, Sheet Metal Workers, Teamsters, Technical Engineers, and Tuckpointers.


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From 01/06/2016 07:30 AM
To 01/06/2016 11:30 AM


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