NEW COURSE! Respirator Fit Tester Training

NEW COURSE! Respirator Fit Tester Training

Respirators have been in use in the construction industry for many years, however, it is only recently, in this strange new pandemic work reality, that employers in every industry from healthcare, to schools, and beyond, (including construction), are finding themselves requiring not only face coverings, but respirators. This has in turn increased the demand for trained personnel to be able to perform respirator fit testing on other employees. To meet the need of our ever-changing environment, The Construction Safety Council is now offering Respirator Fit Tester Training. 

This 4-hour, hands-on course prepares participants to perform respirator fit testing protection according to OSHA Standards (Appendix A §1910.134-Fit Testing Procedures) and educates participants of the employer responsibilities under OSHA's respiratory protection fit testing requirements, as well as necessary record keeping requirements. This testing can be performed on a variety of respirators, including, but not limited to N95. A “fit test” tests the seal between the respirator's facepiece and your face and about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete and should be performed at least annually. After passing a fit test with a respirator, the user must use the exact same make, model, style, and size respirator while on the job.

Training topics include:

  • OSHA Fit Testing requirements/standards
  • how to put on and take off a respirator
  • how to use, clean, and maintain your respirator.
  • Fit testing equipment needs and maintenance
  • How to perform a fit test
  • User seal test demonstration
  • Fit testing record keeping

For more information, or to schedule a session, contact Liz Stockton, 708-449-8604.