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Event Start Date: 11/3/2022 7:30 AM

Event End Date: 11/3/2022 4:00 PM

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The Disaster Site Worker course provides an awareness of the safety and health hazards you may encounter while performing utility work, demolition, debris removal, or heavy equipment operation during cleanup in response to natural and mad-made disasters. Of particular importance is respiratory care, personal protective equipment and proper decontamination procedures that may be used to mitigate the hazards.  Participants will support the use of an Incident Command System (ICS) through the safe performance of their job responsibilities. They’ll be able to show awareness of effects of traumatic incident stress that can result from working conditions and measures to reduce this stress.

This course is taught by OSHA-authorized instructors.

Topics include:

  • Characteristics of a disaster site and worker responsibilities 
  • Safety Hazards and CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives) Agents
  • Health hazards and Traumatic Incident Stress Awareness
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Respirator Activity
  • Decontamination
  • Incident Command System

Target Audience:  Those who provide skilled support (e.g. utility, demolition, debris removal, or heavy equipment operation) or cleanup services in response to natural and man-made disasters

Prerequisites:  You must have a 10- or 30-hour OSHA Construction or General Industry Training Program card in order to attend this class. (CSC offers these classes monthly.) 

Minimum Class Size:   3

Maximum Class Size:   40

Course Length:   one day

Format:   Lecture, Discussion, Audio/Visual

Exam(s):  none

Documentation:  OSHA 7.5-hour Disaster Site Worker card

Card Renewal:  No expiration

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